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Vision and Strategy

The characteristics of department of international tourism management


Tourism is one of the emerging industries that Taiwanese government has been focused to enhance the competitive advantage in the international tourism market. The demand for international tourism trained personnel in Taiwan is also growing rapidly in recent years. In response to the government’s policy to promote the development of tourism industry and to provide the sufficient human resources in the field, our department has dedicated itself to foster the future leaders with international competitive advantage in the tourism industry through "(1) English-teaching courses, (2) junior abroad project, (3) residential college, and (4) international & national internships," the four characteristics.


(1) English-Teaching Courses

In order to provide ours students with the professional knowledge of international tourism and practical skills, our department's curriculum is fully taught in English. On the other words, our students have to pursue the professional knowledge and skills in English. By using English to express and to communicate, the students can directly access to the latest tourism knowledge in the world. This department does not only helps students enhance their English abilities but also enrich their professional tourism knowledge.


(2) Junior Abroad Project

Since international tourism industry is the future trend, there is a need for professional personnel with international experiences. In order to expose our students to the international environment and accumulate their global connections, all of our students are required to study abroad in their junior year at our sister universities at their own expense.

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(3) Residential College

Lanyang Campus is a residential college. All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. There are a variety of activities available for students. These activities organized are majorly based on four core values, which are multicultural, artistic, eco-friendly, and recreational. The spirit of our campus is to enrich campus life, to pass on diverse knowledge, and practice character education.


(4) International & National Internships

To ensure students have working experience and useful skills in tourism industry before graduation, Students are required to work a minimum of 400 hours in an approved hospitality or tourism sector. Our department offers both international and domestic internship opportunities. The international internship locations include Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Palau. The domestic internships are based on five-star hotels and travel agents.