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Vision and Strategy

  • Using the resources and knowledge to help students in order to improve the development of tourism industry in Taiwan

  • Committed to fostering international tourism management experts

  • Improving the development of international tourism industry in Taiwan 
  • Fostering the talent with international competitiveness and making sure they have good career prospects
  • The educated model of our department based on the following values:
    • ​​Academic freedom
    • Be bold in putting things into practice and blazing new trails
    •  Adhere to the principle of making study serve the practical purpose
  • English-teaching courses, devoting to practicing student’s practical skills and Professional knowledge
  • All-round education (holistic education) fostering the practical ability of interpersonal communication, scientific speculation, perpetual care and cultural literacy of students.
  • Junior Abroad Project, focusing on build up global vision
  • Industry-academia cooperation
  • Create clear organizational management structure
  • Ethics and moral leadership, developing the ability of independent and self-conscious of students
  • Organizational activation and procedural efficiency
  • Gather innovation of ideas and encourage student to express their opinion.