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About Us

◎About us

The Department of International Tourism Management is a future star of Tamkang University, so a large amount of resources has been devoted to it. The decision for this large investment was made with careful consideration of our vision about the future. After the opening of Hsuehshan Tunnel in 2006, currently the fourth longest tunnel in the world, a stream of people has been pouring into Yilan. As expressed by the local government, there is a lot of expectation about this new department for the future of Yilan County.

Yilan County has undergone long-term planning, and constructions are under way for making it a paradise for traveling. Soon tourism will be the major industry in this magnificent county. After a long period of planning, Tamkang University has prepared well for this new department. It is certain that beautiful Yilan provides this department with plenty of practical tourism resources. This department, of course, is determined to give plenty of positive feedback to this beautiful place.

Along with the expansion of the tourism market in Yilan, its tourism business base is heading toward the direction of delicacy and knowledge enrichment. Based on this foundation, along with the triple objectives of Tamkang University (Globalization, Information-oriented Education, and Future-oriented Education), the Department of International Tourism Management is standing on firm ground, enhanced with the facilitation of "whole person" education, providing the courses in English, and initiating a junior abroad program for all students.

This department delivers professionalism in the management of tourism businesses. Our students are required to carry out 400-hour internship in Taiwan or around the world before graduating. We also emphasize on the acquisition of advanced and global concepts as well as the importance of operating tourism businesses creatively, in the current trend of knowledge economics. We firmly believe that our students will be capable of managing tourism businesses with excellence and a globalized view.

The Department of International Tourism Management offers an undergraduate program towards the degree of Bachelor in Business Administration (B.B.A.).


The four characteristics of department of international tourism management.


Tourism is one of the emerging industries that Taiwanese government has been focused to enhance the competitive advantage in the international tourism market. The demand for trained personnel in international tourism in Taiwan is growing rapidly in recent years. In response to the government’s policy to promote the development of tourism industry and to provide the sufficient human resources in this field, our department has dedicated to foster the future leaders with international competitive advantage in the tourism industry no matter in Taiwan or other countries around the world through for characteristics, namely "(1) English-teaching courses, (2) junior abroad project, (3) residential college, and (4) international & national internships,".
(1) English-Teaching Courses

As English is becoming more and more important nowadays, our department’s curriculum is fully taught in English, in order to provide our students with the professional knowledge of international tourism and useful practical skills. In the other words, our students have to pursue the professional knowledge and skills in English. This policy can make sure our students can be fluent in English which is the most important language in the society. By using English to express and to communicate, the students can directly get the access of the latest tourism knowledge and broaden their horizon of the world. Generally, this department does not only help students enhance their English abilities but also enrich their professional tourism knowledge.

(2) Junior Abroad Project
Since international tourism industry is the future trend, there is a need for professional personnel with international experiences. In order to expose our students to the international environment and accumulate their global connections, all of our students are required to study abroad in their junior year at our sister universities all over the world at their own expense. With the international experiences, the competitiveness of our students would be increased and they can get the great notion about the world for the future career.

(3) Residential College
Lanyang Campus is a residential college. All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. There are a variety of activities available for students. These activities organized are majorly based on four core values, which are multicultural, artistic, eco-friendly, and recreational. The spirit of our campus is to enrich campus life, to pass on diverse knowledge, and practice character education.
(4) International & National Internships
To ensure students have working experience and useful skills in tourism industry before graduation, students are required to work a minimum of 400 hours in an approved hospitality or tourism sector. Our department offers both international and domestic internship opportunities. The international internship locations include Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Palau. The domestic internships are based on five-star hotels and travel agents.
Since 107semester, our department has been divided into two groups, international internship and domestic internship. English-Teaching Courses, Junior Abroad Project, Residential College and internship program which are the four characteristics mentioned above suit both international and domestic internship group. The main difference is the students of international group have to finish the internship overseas to graduate. On the other hand, the students from domestic group can choose whether they want to do their internship overseas or in Taiwan.
About international internship, our department work with three sister universities, International College of Hotel Management (ICHM), William Angliss Institute, (WAI) and The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) to launch a new program which is studying in the first semester and doing internship in the second semester. For international internship group’s students, they have to go to one of these three universities to study abroad in junior year. The sister university will arrange positions in local tourism industry for students to complete their internship and get practical experience after studying for the first semester to learn professional knowledge.